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My Drap

Vermut & Tapas Cocktail Napkins

Vermut & Tapas Cocktail Napkins

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Bring elegance to the table without compromising convenience. These eco-friendly napkins have a soft, luxurious feel far beyond that of a typical disposable napkin. Best of all, they are 100% biodegradable and certified to the highest European manufacturing standards. There are 50 pieces on each roll, and each napkin tears off smoothly for easy use and compact storage.

Additional Details

  • Roll of 50 napkins
  • Shade: Vermut & Tapas
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About My Drap

For more than 100 years, MY DRAP has manufactured textiles in the heart of Barcelona. Family owned and operated, MY DRAP products are rooted in quality, innovation, and sustainability.

The company prides itself on producing the absolute highest quality cotton napkins. Their luxurious, seamless, and highly functional napkins are packaged as pre-perforated rolls for easy storage and even easier use. They’re reusable, they’re environmentally friendly, they’re packaged smartly, but most importantly, they look and feel fantastic.